Dingzhou, the first batch of 12 key projects this year

Original title: This year, the first batch of 12 key projects was concentrated on March 5, and the first batch of key projects in 2021, involving 12 projects, covering four major categories including industrial, agriculture, infrastructure, social undertakings. Total investment is worth 100 million yuan.

This concentrated start-up presented: First, the cluster development effect is good, and the total kitchenware Technology Dingzhou Co., Ltd. China Dingzhou North Kitchen New City Phase II project started, will attract more kitchen production enterprises to settle down to settlement, help to improve Dingzhou kitchen utensils, promote industry cluster development; Second, the implementation of the transformation and upgrading, the construction of three technical reform projects in Hebei Province, will be upgraded to Dingzhou Auto and Parts Industry Transformation, the promotion of the upper gear The third is that the investment in the people’s livelihood is more, the infrastructure of this starting work accounts for nearly 40%, which is intended to protect people’s livelihood and constantly meet the beautiful life needs of the people.

According to the secretary of the Party Crafts Committee of the Dingzhou Economic Development Zone, Zhao Hongliang, director of the management committee, 2020, Dingzhou insisted on critically ventilated the machine, worked together, unwavering the investment promotion and project construction, last year, the city is planned to implement the province 122 key projects, total investment billion yuan, completed annual investment billion yuan, investment completion rate 120%, excess completion of the annual task. This year, they will continue to optimize the business environment, provide better service for the enterprise, earnestly open "blocking point", solve the "difficult point", eliminate "pain points", escort the project construction and enterprise development, to ensure the first season "open the door", Forces all year round "full panel".

(Correspondent Yan Yuhong reporter Xu Hua) (Editor: He Xue Wei, Zhu Long Super).