Directors opened the new bureau, listening to Shanxi to promote the system for 2021!

  "Love investment, will invest, stroke business, players, in 2021, we will do a good job in analytical and research, scientific development programs, and pay attention to the implementation of the promotion, handling the people’s satisfaction." "We want to use good to promote Cadre business learning platform, let every cadre understand the market, good public relations, business, growing into ‘hipster’s hand’, build a concentration, focus, special, professional investment ‘Jin Travel’. "" We will further expand Cooperative platform, matching investment resource elements, solid foundation, chain extension, staring, opening a new bureau, for 2021. "" We’m to promote people "must use the new surpass spirit of leather, the revolutionary spirit of the thorns, and dare to be a person The innovation spirit, only the pragmatic spirit of chasing the spirit and the earth, from our ideas, ideas, ideas, to our system, mechanism, system, and final to our policies, initiatives, methods, and implement all-round, system Sexual reform. "… Recently, the Shanxi Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau proposed at the 2021 Shanxi Investment Promotion Work Conference and Professional Ability Improvement Training Association It is also a foundation, long-term, promoting transformation, and new roads.

  This year, each "promoted" is doing a good job in the "waiter", investment project "information", investment promotes the "researcher", will strengthen investment to promote the subject awareness, and promote Shanxi investment promotion. Contribute to the economic and social development overall situation? Follow, look at their intend! .