Hubei Zhuxi: Focus on Optimization Business Environment Environmental Strengthening Supervision

The Supervision Committee of the Jiji County Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission in Hubei Province adheres to the "I am practicing practical" and the optimized business environment special rectification work, "the 2021 bamboo county optimized business environment" target long "work responsibility task rule " , Highlighting problems such as operation and operations carry out special rectification, carry out "babysitter" "card-type" "interactive" "work order" supervision and inspection. "We classify the issues found in the supervision, and urge the relevant functional departments to focus on the government service ‘minus link, excellent procedure, pressing", to do a good job in rectification and raise a contrast, check the deficiencies. "Zhuxi County Commission for Discipline Committee The person in charge of the Qi Ji Inspection Monitoring Group said. Under the supervision of the Supervision Committee of the Jiji County Commission for Discipline Inspection, the main responsibilities department contrast the indicators in the "Optimized Business Environment" target of Zhuxi County, the 2021, "Treatment of Work Responsibility Mission Rules", all-round looks outstanding problems and weaknesses The link, targeted rectification, synchronous promoters operate environmental optimization and upgrading.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the optimization business environment, the county discipline committee supervisory committee opened a number of channels such as reporting, mailbox complaint, extending the tentacles to the forefront, directing the "pain point" in the business environment. " "" Difficulties ", serious investigation and restriction of service guarantee enterprises, slow as a slow, and chaos. Since this year, there have been 30 to investigate and deal with 30 environmental problems, and urge 119 problems on the overtime. "Optimizing the business environment is only done, it is not completed.

Next, we will take the opportunity to carry out the special supervision and management of optimized business environment, continue to follow up supervision, sink supervision, accurate supervision, and focus on the difficult point pain points that affect the business environment, promote the business environment and optimization, and then improve , Escort the high quality development of Zhuxi County.

The main person in charge of the Supervision Committee of the Jiji County Commission for Discipline Inspection.

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