Beijing Mentougou District High-tech Enterprise is listed on the first batch of Beijiao Institute

People’s Daily Online November 15th, on November 15th, at the time of the Beijing Stock Exchange, Meitougou District High-tech Enterprise-Beijing Hengchang Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully listed. It is understood that the Hengdu Shares is the first enterprise listed in Beijing, the successful launch of the company injects strong kinetic energy for the high quality development of the headgou region.

Beijing Hengfei Work Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in Zhongguancun Tougou Garden, mainly engaged in the development of environmental protection technology products, high-precision sensor manufacturing, volatile organic compound governance and monitoring services. According to reports, the oil and gas recovery online monitoring system of the gas station developed by the company is mainly used to monitor the operation status of the oil and gas recovery system of the gas station. "The installation and use of the system saves the cost of manual testing, which greatly reduces air pollution, which has played a vital role in winning the blue sky defending battle." The relevant person in charge of the company said. The establishment of the North Exchange means that the new three boards that serve SMEs will enter a higher level of new starting points, which is the historic moment of the China ‘s capital market ushered in. Metegou District High-tech Enterprises can be used as the first batch of listed companies after the establishment of the Beijiao, which also reflects the continuous improvement of comprehensive economic strength.

During the listing process of Beijing Hengchang Technology Co., Ltd., Mentougou District solidly promoted the listing service work, establishing a list of service information summary to listed, and arranged a monthly service research and updated the demand for records. Formulate the "Intercourse of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park Tiegou Garden" to coordinate the various committees of the entire district, carry out contributions to the issues raised by the company to form a solution.

And through the field visiting enterprises, refine the implementation of the company’s listing reform policy, helping the enterprises break through the barriers and go to the market.

The development of the company is inseparable from policy support.

In recent years, the door tag area has continuously promoted the transformation and upgrading of ecological cultural industries and economic high-quality development, and focusing on cultivating the three major industries of "Science and Technology Health, Medical Health, and Wen Travel Experience". The "Meteadgou District on further constructing high-precision industrial structure" (referred to as "door ten"). Focusing on three dimensions of accurate investment, industrial cultivation, precision service, support for different development phases. In terms of transformation of scientific and technological achievements, it gives a subsidy of intellectual property rewards and science and technology research and development projects. In the field of financing, support for the Sino-Guancun Gazette Program, Exhibition Wing Program, Golden Seed Enterprise and Key Enterprises to carry out multi-channel financing, and payive support for bank loans.

After careful cultivation, there are 16 specialized new enterprises in this area, 6 of which are small giant companies, 3 for national small giants.

In the future, the door trench area will be based on the regional functional positioning and high quality green development goals, and actively integrate into the "five son" linkage, relying on the spatial resources and policy advantages of Zhongguancun door gardens, in policy import, Hui-enterprises service, industrial cultivation and innovative ecosystem construction Kung Fu, promoting high-tech enterprises and high-end talents to gather in our district, constantly build a "special spirit" industry cluster in the capital of the capital, and strive to break out a green ecological transformation. (Zhang Wen) (Editor: Mensus, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.