Datong Yunkang District: "Internal and Armed Discussion" creates a better life

Learn Lei Feng Volunteer Service Station Work Scene. Our reporter Yang Xiaoming photo "Zhang Uncle, I am very early, what book is I want to see today?" "Children have been taken by us, but also wrote the work." November 10, in Datong City In the new era civilized practice station in the Fortiri Community in Qingquan Street, Okaya, "Learn Lei Feng" volunteers welcomed, and smiled and served for every residents here. "Our practice station has been put into use for a long time. Now all the residents in the community know, and many people often come here." Wang Shu, who is "Fortiri Community Secretary," The practice station is not big, in residents Heart has a very important location. "Secretary Wang said that there is no exaggeration of his words, but the real voice of the masses since the practice station.

  "I and his father went home every night. I used to get the last one after school, and I also brought a lot of inconvenience to my teacher.

"Liu Jing two is going to get off work in the city, and I have to use it on the road every day, so I will be a problem for the child.

  However, since the community has built a new era civilization practice station, after the "Parents School", the community volunteers will help the children to receive their children from the practice station, temporary to take care of the children like Liu Jing.

  "Since I have this parent school, I don’t have to worry about it. The child always tells me aunt, I like the volunteers in the practice station, I hope I will be late every day!" Liu Jing joke Say. Reading newspapers in the elderly, children waiting for parents safely, and sometimes the new era civilization preaching is carried out from time to time … The residents have more smiles, and there is less trouble, and the life is more convenient. The purpose of the practice station is also achieved. . Relying on the new era civilization practice station vigorously carrying out volunteer service activities, it is an important measure in Qingquan Street and the entire Yungang District to further promote the creation of civilized cities.

Through mobilization of the whole people to participate in the creation of civilized cities, vigorously promote the meaning of creating a civilized city, so that the concept of civilization into the brain, use practical actions to promote urban improvement, and add power to "Chuangcheng". "Inner" has a civilized practice station, and the "external" work is more enough. Qingquan Street launches party members and volunteers, carrying out environmental hygiene remediation in the jurisdiction, and creates a civilized city by cleaning garbage corners, building garbage, outdoor wild advertisements, shop violation advertisements.

The street sets a health management responsibility system, and each community is responsible for the surrounding environmental hygiene cleaning, so at least there will be a large cleaning of "pouring things".

Through unremitting efforts, the residents have created a clean and tidy living environment. In the streets, bus stops, bus stops, bus stops, shopping malls in Qingquan Street, can also be seen everywhere, "Socialist Core Volunteers", "Caring for Minors", "Caring for Civilization, Tree New Wind" and other public welfare Propaganda advertisement; "big speakers" in the community will circulate "Chuangcheng" related knowledge every day … At present, Qingquan Street is "widely launched, the whole people participate in" propaganda ideas, the whole street has more channels, multi-faceted publicity, and strive to let Creating a civilized city household name, guiding residents to recognize a civilized city is a city business card, representing a civilized image of a city, creates a strong "Chuangcheng" atmosphere. "Creating" a beautiful life, "creation" creates a civilized city. In the case of measures to create a civilized city in Yungang District, the more and more streets and communities have changed their appearance, changed the image, and the people of the people are like this street, more and more comfortable and bright.

Our reporter Yang Xiaoming (Editor: Wen Wen, Ma Yunmei).