Driven villagers to achieve income and get rich (representative members to perform their duties)

  The chestnut pumpkins in the place are very fast, and many are full.

"It is also available for 1 month, and at least 3000 pounds can be received in one mu.

Mike the town of 500 mu, more than 3 months can more add more than 6 million yuan … "The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, the deputy township of the Hainan Baishali Autonomous County, the deputy township, in his work On the other hand, while the harvesting of each industry in the town is recorded in detail, while the industry is evaluated to make the folks benefit the biggest, which industry is flat. This year’s 58-year-old sheep is extremely, after graduation in high school in 1981, it was hit The folks of the town villages have been selected as the cadres of the village committee.

Since then, the sheep wind is touched by this trust, and the villagers seek to get rich road. As a member of the Political Consultative Conference, the sheep wind is always installed in the mountainous people.

In the past year, his focus on duties in the consolidation of povertygrams and helped the poverty reduction.

He has introduced the agricultural technology company to plant pumpkins and yellow okra in more than 800 acres of wasteland. "If the variety of cultivation is not selected, it is uncomfortable to make the product, and it is not good to blame." Some people in the town persuaded him not to do these things.

The sheep is very waved: "If anyone is afraid of falling, this is not done, that is not doing, who will lead the village to revitalize the country?" The old sheep runs through the province, the agricultural research institutions in the province, county, consultation A lot of agricultural technology companies, asking agricultural experts to investigate the soil conditions in the field of hunting, and set the cultivation. This year, the national two sessions are approaching, and the sheep is still constantly complement, and improve the proposal.

(Editor: Wan Peng, He Wei).