Hangzhou Tonglu: "Heart" condenses good meaning "fluorescent"

  "This money is to make me pursue higher material enjoyment or use to help Mountain children? This is certainly different, I tend to provide some relatively weak groups to some relatively weak groups within their own capacity.

"For items, her current income is enough to live, the savings in the hands can take help for more people, this is what she followed in the heart.

  There is a heart to the weak group, willing to help them within the capacity range, this is the idea of ??this is a small. When reading, she will have a zero money and donate to people in need; after work, she occasionally go to the flower shop to buy a bunch of flowers, send it to the woman, "seeing the smile on their face," I will also Happy. "She told reporters that harvest strangers or surprise or touched smiles through a small flower, as if bring happiness to every corner.

  During the study, Xiang Yu could got a thought: 10% of future income used in charity donation. After graduating from graduate students, Xiangyi visited Shenzhen and engaged in luxury operation management.

Received first salary, she chooses part of the part of charity donation. Since then, the donation behavior has continued to date, and the amount of donations far exceeds the established 10%. In 2017, she chooses to return to Tongluo, who has been returning to her hometown, and started a city budget called "mind".

When she returned to her hometown, she still focused on charity with the heart of Nishheng. In addition to donating money to the UNFFA, China Junior Development Foundation, she also actively participates in public welfare activities. Among them, she participated in the Blue Credit Society Accompanying Project is through the pair of books in the remote area, with them, mentally communicating and accompanying, responding to their puzzles encountered in the growth process, responding to their critical needs, "Communication with left-behind children makes me more helped them, so choose to donate to the Chinese Junior Development Foundation." It is understood that 500,000 yuan will be used for the construction of the hopes, and Xiang Yu can have this primary school. The registration rights, she decided to sign their "head". Xiang Yu can say that as long as there is an ability, it will help more people, hoping to make goodwill "fluorescent" into a dazzling ray under the "head". (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.