Etuke Yansheng: Smart farming painting, rural vibration is the most beautiful

At the same example, Ji Renhao, the workers are busy working on the final end of the new sheep shed. After the parts are installed, the fully automated sheep shed in his home can be put into use.

Speaking of the current grazing life, Ji Renguaa introduces, there are more than 470 sheep, stocking, feeding, drinking water, is a "big project", and his wife is very greedy every day, very hard.

In his view, modern pastures are self-evident for herders’ sense. "In the future, you can complete the past heavy work through computer settings. You can understand and control the facilities in your sheep shed. We can easily raise the upcoming wisdom. Animal husbandry. With the driving of Ji Ya, Su Li Di has already founded a farmer herd of herdsmen to build a fully automated shed, and the road to fully automated the culture.

Today, with the rapid development of big data, artificial intelligence, 5G, Internet technology, the country, the autonomous region’s development of smart animal husbandry is increasingly attached importance, and the historical opportunity of the revitalization of rural resolution is, with ecological priority, green development. For the guidance, it is driven by technology innovation and digital development, building a long-range development mechanism, focusing on promoting the mechanization of animal husbandry, intelligent development, promoting the development of animal husbandry production management, and building a batch of green development of agriculture and animal husbandry, speeding up Upgrade of intelligent transformation of agriculture and animal husbandry, achieving sustainable development of environmental protection, animal husbandry intelligence, industrialization and ecological development, so that "smart farming" empowerive rural resolution, written new era rural comprehensive revitalization of new chapters.

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