Guardian people safe to use life – pursuant Pan Dongsheng, former Director of Fuzhou Public Security Bureau

  Due to long-term overloading, September 25 this year, the party committee of the Fujian Provincial Public Security Bureau, Director of Fuzhou Public Security Bureau Pan Dongsheng, in an important meeting security, sudden disease, the rescue is invalid, on the same day 12:35 Because of the sacred sacred, only 57 years old.

  Pan Dongsheng was born in a island fishing village in Pingtan, Fujian, in a poor family.

At the college entrance examination, Pan Dongsheng took the excellent results in Fuzhou University.

When you graduate, his professional achievements are the first.

Many students advised him to go to the sea, and the teacher also advised him to go abroad, but he said: "The people’s police are doing things for the masses, protecting a safe lofty profession, I want to join this glorious team.

"Pan Dongsheng put on the first time was in 1984.

The instructor said in his new police training, engraved in his mind: "Join the public security team, you must prepare to stand in, lying down.

What is lying down? It is always ready to sacrifice everything for the party for the people.

"From the 37 years, Pantong upgraded life protects the people safe, and practiced the initiality and mission of Communist Party members in a louder. On the day of the day, the trainer slowly passed, and many cadres people have tears. Don’t live, pay tribute, tears, you respect the "Pan Bo" … In order to Fuzhou people, "Pan Director is often warned to us, as long as the people reflect the public security organs, it is a police situation, we have to pick alarm.

Never allow the alarm to be unpacked, there is no problem, and there is no problem! Chen Qing, the team leader of the Criminal Investigation Detachment of Fuzhou Public Security Bureau. In the case of investigating the black-social nature organizational case of the National Sweeping Office, Pan Dongsheng is always improving: "This is a hard bone, but it is also a must Bone.

In the sunny sky of Fuzhou people, we must firmly confident, to meet difficult, there is a pressure is my pressure, you only let go! "Under his organization, this shocked the black cases of the black city successfully detected. In the face of people’s livelihood cases that are concerned about the safety of people’s lives and property, he leads Fuzhou public security in the national provincial capital, integrated operation, integrated operation, integrated Management, the synthetic investigation center, synthetic intelligence center, the synthetic intelligence center, and the case of shocking crimes and fast investment.

  Under the promotion of Pan Dongsheng, from July 2020, Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau launched the police "first first removal responsibility system", solving the grassroots first line "Who said the police, who is a police" problem, greatly enhances the quality of law enforcement And efficacy.

  From January to September this year, the Fuzhou public security organs received a valid alarm of nearly 930,000, and the masses gave a satisfaction rate of public security police officers and accomplished in the forefront of the province.

  The recognized technical personnel, experts from expert cadres, Pan Dongsheng, graduated from computer software, is a recognized technical talent, expert cadres. As early as 2000, Pan Dongsheng became one of 19 members of the "Digital Fujian" Expert Committee, and also the only representative of Fujian Public Security.

  In Fuzhou, he promoted the establishment of a series of urban informationization projects such as Fuzhou Public Safety Cloud Platform, Wisdom Public Security Joint Innovation Center, and the Songpeng Ecological Public Security Laboratory, and a number of reform results in the province, national promotion. In the eyes of the police affordable department of the Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, Pan Dongsheng’s strict requirements of security work, the taste of the problem of investigation, and reached a very ultimate. "

  Each security activity, Pan Dongli must go to the scene, every point must "step on", each security measures are on-site research, and he says "security work is a loss." On the eve of the first digital China Construction Summit, Pan Dongsheng came to the summit to hold the location of the Strait Exhibition Center. After a circle, suddenly put forward a key issue that enabled the security personnel "Waiter": three or four o’clock in the afternoon, the sun is straight radiant If the identified image exposure is too high, will it affect the identification pass rate? Should be tested carefully.

  The prestressed human flow scale of security schools on the summit is about 50,000 people per day. Pan Dongli said that "Fuzhou citizens have a high intensive to participate in the first digital summit, and the estimated scale of 50,000 people must formulate a perfect plan according to the estimated scale of about 100,000 people to prevent the on-site personnel congestion." "" Under his guidance, we diverted the test, improve the system algorithm, and block the vulnerability of security work in time. The first digital summit has the highest number of people in the highest number of traffic about 100,000 people.

"Yan Chen Yong said.

  After Pan Dongsheng sacrificed, many policemen met the technical problem for the first time or Pan Dongsheng, always unconsciously picked up his phone to play his phone, however, the phone has no answer … "The people’s good director, forever Live in our hearts "in the countryside in the town of Fujian, riding a motorcycle does not wear a helmet, once a common phenomenon. In 2014, after PANTA was promoted to the Sanming City Public Security Bureau, vigorously advocated the law enforcement concept of "management to be hard to do, service to warm in the heart", and guide the police "punishment is not the purpose, must help the masses to wear the helmet superior". Since then, the Sanming Public Security Bureau launched a series of management initiatives: from the original fine of 100 yuan to the penalty but asked the masses to buy a helmet on the spot; the police station purchased the helmet to make the masses to borrow, and give the difficult people to send helmets. Nowadays, on the road of rural areas in the town of Sanming City, riding a motorcycle wearing helmet has become a conscious habit of the masses. In response to the issue of "parking, driving in the car, the trouble, the annoyance of the work" in Fuzhou City, under the advocacy of Pan Dongsheng, the Fuzhou Public Security Bureau organized 3 batches of 21 "I do practical things for the masses" public security intention, to society Add 9,600 parking berths.

At the same time, it is allowed to specify the road around the old community, and the vehicle is individually parked in the specified period, and the school is allowed to be temporarily parked in the school, this charge of more than 30,000 vehicles in the city.

  Long-term high-intensity work, severe overdrawn Pan Dongsheng’s body.

On June 26, 2018, he accepted a lung surgery.

On the 7th day after surgery, Pan Dongsheng rushed from the ward to the Fuzhou Public Security Bureau Command Center and analyzed the city’s public security police. At the beginning of this year, he suddenly fainted, hospitalized for two days, returned to work.

  Pan Dongsheng sacrificed a week, he turned like a gyro. September 18 is his birthday, two in the middle of the night, he is involved in the attention of the attention to verification. Pan Dongsheng’s sacrifice, he finished his work, worried about his body uncomfortable wife, dialed the video phone, and took care of himself. With the last call of the wife, I also interrupted many times because of work affairs.

  After Pan Dongsheng sacrificed, Fuzhou citizen’s Lin Auntie released online: "We will always remember the good director of this heart!" There are netizens: "The Minami Mountain is full of souls, and the grass contains joquity.

The people ‘s good director is always living in our hearts, walk all the way! "Zhongqing report · Zhongqing Net reporter He Chunzhong Source: China Youth Daily (November 19, 2021).