good news! Wuhan is striving to promote "Huimin Medical Insurance", so that the masses are more worry-free

Yangtze River Daily, Wuhan Client, December 14 (Reporter Liu Haifeng) "2022, I hope Wuhan urgents Shanghai, Chongqing and other cities, urban customized commercial insurance, launched universal nature." 2022 Wuhan Municipal Government people’s livelihood practical practice passed the Yangtze River Daily, Wuhan Radio and TV Station and other channels have begun to collect in the society, many citizens have reflected in the official WeChat public number, Wuhan City message board, etc. Medical insurance, the burden on the treatment of the disease is still heavy, I hope that commercial insurance for unobstructed nature is supplemented as medical insurance.

Ms. Liu, said that Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. have been introduced in the past few years, the government customized Huimin, Zhenjiang City, also landed the benefit of Zhenjiang Hui civil security, a year of 99-299 yuan medical security 200-4 million yuan.

Now that various commercial insurance companies are dazzling, the insurance threshold is also high, and the claim guarantee is not stable, the dispute is too much, and the general basic medical insurance is not enough, and there is no greater medical insurance guarantee. Problem.

I hope that the government will lead, launch a supplementary medical insurance similar to Shanghai, Chongqing and other cities, voluntary insight, 100-200 yuan per year, as a supplement to the medical insurance of residents.

Mr. Gui, Mr. Gui, said that in 2015, the Shenzhen local government department took the lead in launching Huimin medical insurance, as a supplement to the medical insurance of residents, the people praised the tide, followed by the local governments, hoping that the relevant departments of Wuhan Municipal Government also Lead, joint commercial insurance companies, jointly launch Huimin medical insurance, so that the people can see the disease.

For these recommendations for the public, the Wuhan Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau has previously replied in Wuhan City Message Board. The "Opinions of the CPC Central Committee on Deepening the Reform of Medical Security System" (China Dance [2020] No. 5) clearly pointed out: "to 2030, comprehensive The completion of basic medical insurance as the main body, medical assistance is a medical security system system for replenishing medical insurance, commercial health insurance, charity donation, medical mutual assistance.

"At present, the basic medical insurance of our city has adopted a unified payment standard. The purpose is to make urban and rural residents to enjoy basic medical security rights more fair. At the same time, the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau is in accordance with the requirements of the municipal government, and guide commercial insurance companies to establish urban customized business. Insurance (some cities are named "Huimin Bao", some cities are as "exclusive medical insurance", etc.), providing certain supplements for basic medical insurance.