Hand | What? Careless money does not dare to spend, I am afraid to be sneak being robbed.

Original title: Hand | What? Careless money does not dare to save, I am afraid to be stolen and have been robbed "greedy" hidden husband accepting bribes, refused to explain the case, what should I do? In December last year, we encountered such a problem in the case of serious violations of laws and disciplines.

  During the indwelling period, Li Mou took the initiative. He served as a director of a bureau, and Lu Lanyuan will hand over more than 2 million bribery funds to his wife.

  "Her people are more powerful, I don’t know where she puts money. She doesn’t tell me." Li Moucheng’s situation, let the demo to turn steeply increase variables.

  Previously, we learned that many neighborhoods and colleagues believe that Li wife "compares to pay attention." "Actively retreat, the stolen stolen goods are all hosted, and it can be given from light punishment according to law.

"The investigation team persuaded.

  "When did he give me money? Don’t listen to him." At first, Li’s wife refused to admit it to her husband’s bribery.

  "According to the provisions of Article 312 of the Criminal Law, concealing, concealing crime, can be sentenced to more than three years, criminal detention or control; severe circumstances, sentenced to less than three years or less." After the education, Li wife had a shake, but it was only blurred that the money was hidden in a small area. The investigation team immediately sent a staff to the department to search according to law, but the result was nothing.

  "You have considered it, if you and your husband are sentenced because of crime, what do you do in college reading?" The investigator continued to persuade. Li wife has been tight, and the face muscles began to loosen, and finally explained the specific place to hide.

  According to Li wife, the investigation team found that Li Mou’s home bedbed has a black plastic bag, including a bag of more than 300,000 yuan in cash. The room wardrobe hangs nearly 20 pieces of clothes, and each pocket of each piece of clothing has a number of hundreds of dollar bills, with a total of more than 200,000 yuan.

  "Why don’t you put money in bank?" "I am afraid to check." "Why is it in so many pockets?" "" Is open, mainly afraid to steal. "

"Silver is afraid of being checked, and the home is afraid to be stolen. Do you think that this money is made, is it meaningful? "In the face of the question of the investigator, Li Xiang traffic said:" Buy a house, buy a car, I don’t dare, I am afraid to grab it on the road … My motorcycle seat box, the tail box also has two bags 10,000 yuan. "It turned out that when Li Xu learned that her husband received a report of the review and survey, I was afraid again.

She is busy putting the money hiding at home to the motorcycle cushion box, tail box, and transferring multiple times to hiding elsewhere.

The first time the room has a colleague who knows that she wants to hide the money.

So, she hides the money to rented the room for lunch break near the city. When the investigator opened the inner layer of the Saxi mattress in the room, it was found that there were hundreds of dollar bills inside.

After a lot, a total of more than 1.9 million yuan. In March this year, Li Mou was opened to the party, expeling public office, and its suspected crime was transferred to the procuratorate to review the prosecution, and the property was transferred. Li Xiang is dealing with light treatment according to law. (Liu Baoping, the Supervision Committee of Zhangzhou Municipal Commission for Jizhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region) (Editor: Xu Qian, Zhu Hongxia) Share more people to see.